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Event & Music Branding

Good Music. Great Branding.




Project Scope
Creative Development


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Flyers/ Posters


Photo Manipulation

Ever walk by a flyer for a concert and thought, that looks fun? As the first impression for an event, the flyer acts as the middle man between everyday life and the show. Directing it's viewer to buy tickets and setting the stage for the theme and the vibe to come.

The following flyers are a collection of various creative for iBoat NYC, an event production and marketing company that specializes in New York City boat parties. Each piece of creative tells a unique story of the event in store and were used for a variety of promotion purposes including social media, web and print.

Case Study: NFT NYC After Party

To most, the burgeoning world of NFTs is a mystery (me). And then there are those who attend NFT NYC. A three-days-long conference dedicated to all things NFT, the event captures the forward thinking tech crowd with a side of networking and sight-seeing. 


Case Study: TroyBoi

After producing tracks for Missy Elliot, Zayn and Justin Bieber, TroyBoi slays all on his own. As the headliner of this NYC boat party, TroyBoi led crowds past sights of the statue of liberty with the blended sounds of of trap, hip-hop, bass, and dubstep. The artwork encapsulates TroyBoi's brand while also representing iBoatNYC.


Case Study: Robbie Rivera

House music veteran, Robbie Rivera, has a light and etherial approach to both his music and previous event artwork. Sunset meets modern renaissance for this unique late-summer show.


Case Study: Various

The following is a selection of favorite artworks from shows over the years.

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